Are you looking for Clinical Experience in United States(USCE)

  • Real time Hands-on Experience.
  • Improve patient’s history taking skills (Will help you in USMLE Exams).
  • Learn the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) & document patient’s SOAP notes in EMR.
  • Earn a valuable personalized individual specific letter of recommendation (LOR) from Physicians who are American Board certified.
  • Improve interview skills to get a successful match.
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    Why Choose MWC?

    1. Free Observership

    This observership is absolutely free and there are no hidden future costs.

    You only have to pay application and training fee (which is minimal). It will save you Thousands of Dollars.

    2. Real Hands-on Experience

    The students are actively involved in patient care during their observership period*.

    Students are allowed to directly interact with the patient on an individual basis rather than the group.

    Students take the history of the patient in detail along with review of systems, past medical history, vital signs, lab results etc. It helps them formulate differential diagnoses which are discussed with the precepting physician.

    3. EMR Access for students

    The patient interaction is followed by SOAP note documentation.

    Opportunity to improve the history taking & SOAP Note writing skills helps excel in USMLE Exams.

    4. Learning about HEDIS, MIPS/MACRA, MRA, Value based care in USA.

    The students learn about real life scenario of practicing medicine in USA with all quality measures.

    This knowledge is very rare in USMLE applicants and it may help you stand out during residency interviews.

    5. Personalized LOR (not generic)

    The students have very active interaction with students. It helps to generate individualized person specific LORs.

    More valuable than any generic LOR.

    *The students can talk to patients but can’t touch the patient due to Medico-legal liability reason.

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    My White Coat

    My White Coat connects medical students, graduates, and professionals with U.S. clinical experiences. Our platform offers individuals the opportunity to explore and apply for clinical experiences at multiple sites in several medical specialties and subspecialties. Our platform offers observership opportunities for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) looking for more clinical experience to get successful residency placement in the United States. For those interested in pursuing residency in the USA, it can be important to gain first hand knowledge of how the medical system in the U.S. operates. Observership via My White Coat is absolutely free and there are no hidden future costs. We offer 6 weeks rotations across the United States. We strive for excellence in working with foreign medical students and graduates.
    Student can personally teamed with a board certified physician. This observership is a proactive experience, during this observership student can take patient histories, performs the physical exam along with attending physician and discusses differential diagnoses, and be restricted to watching and listening during procedures, surgeries, outpatient appointments. This is a great opportunity to improve your understanding of Electronic Medical Record documentation, coding, billing and other practical aspects of clinical medicine.This unique experience can greatly enhance your clinical experience and boost your confidence when taking USMLE Exams.